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Hockey VIPs Magazine Staff

Geneen Pipher, Managing Editor and Co-Founder
There are no small stories. Everyone has something interesting to say. And the truth is out there. These are the beliefs that Geneen has taken into every interview and every story throughout her journalism career. She spent many years with CNN, earning several prestigious awards, including a Peabody and a duPont-Columbia Award.

She has covered everything from the September 11 terrorist attacks, tsunamis and the space shuttle Columbia disaster to the Michael Jackson trial and classic rock bands. Geneen is thrilled to be writing about and photographing hockey — one of her truest passions behind, of course, journalism itself.   All articles by Geneen Pipher >>

Shannon Valerio, COO and Contributor
Shannon is a former professional speed skater and competitive hockey player.  A competitive athlete since she was just 8 years old, she has spent more than 30 years immersed in skating sports, including playing for the University of Denver women’s club hockey team. As a strength and conditioning specialist, she has trained hockey players of all ages and abilities, from Mini-Mites to NHL Stanley Cup champions.

She loves the technical nuances of the game but more importantly the “play behind the play” — the personalities that make up a unique and vibrant community.  As co-founder of Hockey VIPs Magazine, she has been able to merge her passion for hockey with one of her favorite pastimes, writing.  All articles by Shannon Valerio >>

Tatiana Markina, Translator and Russian Correspondent
Tatiana Markina is a Moscow-based newswriter and translator. She is a teacher of English and French by education, but prefers to work in journalism and linguistics. Tatiana has worked in various online media, including Gazeta.Ru and Beatles.Ru, covering a variety of topics such as foreign press reviews, lifestyle, travel, movies, celebrities and technology.

Ice hockey has been one of Tanya’s greatest interests since early childhood, as her father was a big fan of sports and she spent much of her time watching various events with him. Although her father is gone, Tatiana still follows hockey, football, figure skating, tennis and many other sports not only because she loves them, but because it’s a way to remember her dad. Tanya herself is an athlete, competing in the classical Indian dance Odissi. In 2014 she was third at the International Indian Dance Competition in the team category in Moscow. Other interests include travel, cinema, books, fine art, learning languages and meeting new people all over the word.  All articles by Tatiana Markina >>

Lena Kolpakova, Contributing Photographer
Lena is a Russian-based professional photographer and contributor to Hockey VIPs Magazine.  Her photographs can be seen all over the country in magazines, newspapers and the KHL’s official website.

Alex Bogatiryov, Russian Translator
Born in the former Soviet Union and raised in Denver, Alex is a Moscow-based translator and English teacher.  His superb command of both English and Russian enables our reporters to communicate flawlessly in real-time with their Russian-speaking interview subjects.  

Char Marks, Opinion Writer
Boston-based professional journalist who enjoys sounding off on all things hockey — particularly the local boys in black and gold.

Andree Dupont, Hockey Goddesses Contributor
Based in Winnipeg, she and Hockey VIPs founder, Geneen, nearly had a falling out over the Atlanta Thrashers’ move to her fair city.